【47 Hakko Kagoshima】鹿児島のなり Nari 〜飢饉対策の切り札トロピカル麹の衝撃〜

▶︎ 読みもの, 発酵あれこれ, 47都道府県の発酵,


From last ditch famine measure to a burst of tropical koji
The Amami Islands in the south of Kagoshima are an archipelago wracked by frequent typhoons and weather anomalies, as a result of which the people there experienced frequent famines. As a measure in case of disaster, the local people would take the local soga palms, rich in protein and starch, remove the toxins from them by bleaching them in the open and air and in water, then turn them into koji malt. Using this koji, they would make miso and even shochu. Local women who make nari by hand are often heard to say that “if you don’t wait at least three days while making koji, the children will get sick.” Nari really makes you wonder at the ingenuity and bravery of these island people.

どう作って食べるか / HOW TO MAKE & EAT


❶Cut the fruit of a Japanese soga palm and remove the seeds. Soak it in water for several days.
❷After thoroughly removing the toxins, sun dry the fruit, and smash it into small pieces.
❸Add koji bacteria to the smashed flakes to make koji, then make it into miso.
★ If you do not soak the fruit of the soga palm in water for at least three days, you will not remove all of the toxins from the plant.

Make it into miso and use it as a seasoning
Mix the miso with meat and enjoy it as a side dish

食べられている地域 / Regions where it is eaten
The Amami Islands

微生物の種類 / Types of microorganisms
Various types of bacteria, Koji-kin (Aspergillus oryzae), lactic acid bacteria, yeast,etc. 




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