【47 Hakko Kumamoto】熊本のあかど漬け Akadozuke 〜畑の馬肉?阿蘇の土が醸された緋色の傑作〜

▶︎ 読みもの, 発酵あれこれ, 47都道府県の発酵,


The basashi of the fields? The scarlet wonder brewed in the soil of aso
Akadozuke is a native dish of Aso. It is the pickled version of the stem of the taro variety known as akadoimo. The fermentation process turns the plant a rich shade of red. It is a pickled dish with a rare combination of crunchiness and juiciness, which is eaten dipped in ginger and soy sauce like Kumamoto’s other famed dish, basashi (horse meat sashimi). Despite being a fermented food, it is eaten less as a pickled side, and more as the main focus of meals. From the end of summer through fall, the local women of the area pick out the softest stalks by hand and pickle them, to use in outstanding recipes dripping with local flavor.

どう作って食べるか / HOW TO MAKE & EAT


❶Clip and wash thoroughly the softest part of the stalks of akadoimo, then pickle them in salt for a day.
❷Transfer the stalks to a separate vessel, and allow them to pickle for between one to two weeks, while removing the marinate that floats to the top.
★ Using vinegar to make akadozuke results in a mellower flavor.
★ It is particularly tasty when eaten with soy sauce infused with ginger and chili.

In the same way as sashimi

食べられている地域 / Regions where it is eaten
Throughout the Aso region

微生物の種類 / Types of microorganisms
Lactic acid bacteria

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