【47 Hakko Miyazaki】宮崎のむかでのり Mukadenori 〜日南海岸発!前代未聞の海藻発酵レシピ〜

▶︎ 読みもの, 発酵あれこれ, 47都道府県の発酵,


An unparalleled fermented seaweed recipe from the Nichinan Coast.
On the Nichinan coast in the south of Miyazaki, people sun dry a variety of seaweed called kirinsai, then boil it down until it dissolves into a state like agar, before further pickling it in miso to make a surprising fermented dish. With a jelly-like texture, it makes an agar-like block even chewier than konjac, and is infused with the sweet taste of Kyushu style miso, giving it a deceptive taste. Throughout the Nichinan region, both along the coast and in the mountains, there is a culture of offering up mukadenori to your ancestors during obon, though the origins of this custom are obscure.

どう作って食べるか / HOW TO MAKE & EAT


❶Thoroughly sun dry the kirinsai, until it has no moisture remaining.
❷Finely cut up the dried kirinsai, boil it down until it dissolves into agar.
❸Pour the agar into a mold and cool it to form square jellies, then apply miso and allow it to pickle for one or two weeks.
★The finer you cut the seaweed, the smoother the texture of the agar will be.
★Harvests of seaweeds have declined severely due to the eruption of Mt. Kirishima several years prior.

As an accompaniment to rice.

食べられている地域 / Regions where it is eaten
Along the coast and in the mountains of the Nichinan region.

微生物の種類 / Types of microorganisms
Koji bacteria, yeast, lactic acid bacteria (from the miso)

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