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【47 Hakko Nagano】長野のすんき漬け Sunkizuke 〜塩を使わず、乳酸発酵の旨味を閉じ込めた漬け物〜


The no-salt pickle that captures the umami of lacto-fermentation
In Kiso, the gateway to Mount Ontake, there is a peculiar type of pickles made without using any salt. Precisely timing the moment before the chill frosts settle, the people there submerge the leaves of the red turnip, and make use of the native strain of lactobacillus to pickle them. The practice emerged as the people of the area made use of the cold, dry climate in order to economize on their precious salt. It is a fermentation practice unique to this mountainous terrain. By refraining from using salt, the rare lactic acid bacteria is allowed to multiply, producing pickles that have an umami reminiscent of the flavor of shellfish. At the end of fall, when the women of Kiso begin to grow restless, the sunki season has begun.

どう作って食べるか / HOW TO MAKE & EAT

★ ブドウの収穫時期、絞りの強さ、熟成期間で味が変わる。

❶Pick the leaves from a red radish and brush of the soil.
❷Pack the leaves into a barrel and moisten them with steam. Add some sunki of the previous year as a starter into the new barrel.
❸It is ready after fermenting overnight.

Eaten after seasoning with katsuobushi (dried bonito shavings)
Also used in making soba noodles or hotpots

食べられている地域 / Regions where it is eaten
Exclusive to the region from Kiso to Shiojiri

微生物の種類 / Types of microorganisms
A rare variety of lactic acid bacteria