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【47 Hakko Yamanashi】山梨の甲州ワイン Koshu Wine 〜ブドウの丘の景観をつくる「甲州ワイン」〜


Koshu Wine: Creating scenes of rolling vineyards
Around 150 years ago, Japanese wine production began in the town of Katsunuma, and spread throughout the Kofu Basin. From summer to fall, the area is resplendent with vineyards, forming scenes you will not find anywhere else in Japan. The grapes grown here are not the wine grapes found throughout Europe, but a grape variety, the “Koshu grape,” that has been present in Yamanashi for over 1300 years, and which is used to make a wine dripping with local flavor. With a mineral-rich and rounded flavor, Koshu wine goes perfectly with Japanese cuisine. In recent years, a new generation of vintners has worked to improve the quality of the wine, as a result of which Yamanashi is attracting global attention as a wine-making region. In Yamanashi, it is common practice among young and old, men and women, to enjoy wine by the ishobin (1.8 liter bottle commonly associated with sake). And to go with it? Pickled radish and tuna sashimi. For the people of Yamanashi, having a drink means wine.

どう作って食べるか / HOW TO MAKE & EAT

★ ブドウの収穫時期、絞りの強さ、熟成期間で味が変わる。

❶Gather and juice grapes from September to October.
❷Filter the juice and add wine yeast.
❸Allow the wine to ferment for several weeks.
❹After fermentation has completed, allow the wine to mature in the cask for a certain period. Remove the sediment, bottle the wine, and allow it to age.
★The flavor of the wine depends on the timing of the grape harvest, the vigor of the squeezing process, and the amount of time for which the wine is allowed to age.

Paired with local Yamanashi cuisine

食べられている地域 / Regions where it is eaten
Throughout Yamanashi Prefecture

微生物の種類 / Types of microorganisms
Yeast, lactic acid bacteria, etc.